PTTD Brace/Ankle Speed Lace – Kids


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PTTD Brace/Ankle Speed Lace – Extra Small (Children)

Offers good ankle protection with ease of application. Features: Speed lace closure: Allows easier and faster application. Stabilizing straps: Form figure-eight to protect and support the ankle. Elastic cuff closure: Enhances support from stabilizing straps. Low profile: Will fit in any type of shoe. Bilateral design: Each size fits left or right foot. Breathable nylon boot: Enhanced breathability for long-term wear.

Size Men Women
S 5-6 5.5-6.5
M 6.5-8.5 7-9
L 9-10 9.5-10.5
XL 10.5-13.5 11-14
XSm children

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


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